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  1. Agencies, circuit, wiring modular, can be combined with multiple injection system, the demand
      of different production technology

  2. Block launched improved nozzle calibration easy, truly centralized lubrication, maintenance is

  3.  Using semi-closed or fully closed loop, forming a more sophisticated control.

  4.  Optimal design of machinery,asphalt, electrical control, close co-works withefficient cooler,
       forming more stable

  5.  Response to energy saving of high oil circuit patent 20%-50%

  6.  High-rigidity clamping structure, die without distortion

  7.  Activities by the spray tank to ensure clean oil line

  8.  Rate of fire increased by a short cycle time



  1.  Templates and other related components by computer analysis of the main design
       of parameter optimization, limited element analysis, to ensure the template
       intensity, and the clamping forcce, run equibrium.

  2.   Use the high-performance presses dedicated controller, various types of
        international brand-name electrical components, powerful, easy to operate.
        Vaiable Pump :
        L series high efficient engry-saving variable pump plastic injection molding
        machine, efficient with low noise and high response variable system, output
        automatically matched according to action required machine power. 

  3  aspect ratio optimization design+high quality alloy material is conducive to a
        variety of materials processing.

  4.   Ratinalization of asphalt layout, effectively improve response speed of the
        machine movement. 




   -  Double cylinder balance injection system
   -  Double cylinder bench move (above meniummachine)
   -  Multi-step injection pressure of injection/speed & positioning control
   -  Multi-steppressure of material storage/speed & positioning control
   -  High torque oil moter drive screw preplastication device
   -  Screw flow-extend protection device
   -  The temperature of arrel is controlled by computer PID
   -  Ceramin heating barrel device
   -  Cooling  temperature control system for barrel outlet
   -  Screw speed detection device



   Templaes and other related aomponents by computer analysis of the main design of
   parameter optimization, limited element analysis, to ensure the template intensity, 
   and the clamping force, run equilibrium.

   -  Oblique-row double toggle mechanical mould clamping mechanism
   -  Siamese front-link overalll casting
   -  Mechanical, hydraulic, electrical full interlock protection (above medium machine)
   -  Low-pressure mould protection device
   -  Multi-step slamping pressure/speed & position controll
   -  Muliple hydreulic ejector mode
   -  High speed mould clamping device
   -  Mold cooling water shunt
   -  Neutron device standard interface
   -  Automatic centralized lubrication system
   -  Opening/closing moulde, jection pistuib cibtrkked bt scale
   -  Automatic mould adjustment





   - TPT LCD color display
   -  Useing high-speed DSP processore, time-control precision up to 1 ms
   -  High-precision displacement sensor system, the control precision of +0.1 mm
   -  Multi-channel input/output, port function can be freely configured
   -  Have outbut programmable function
   -  Support USB and network interface (optional)
   -  Parameter data protection locks,and auto-save feature with the power
   -  Super-capacity data storage capabilities




   Hydraulic unit consist of world famous brands oil pump and control valves with more
   outstanding performance of pressure suppering. Ensure effectively the machine 
   accuracy, reliability, stability, and durability and low nise environmental features.


   - The manual plug valve hydraulic system make the machine having quick and smooth motion
   -  Boulbe proportional vaive control pressure and flow 
   -  Hydraulic oil cooling device
   -  High-performance imported hydreulic unit with optimizing allocation
   -  The fuel tank has a big opening hole so can be cleaned easily


  The Latest High-Speed Injection Machine

Injection machin adopted pressure keeping device. After the injection is completed the  pressure keeping device is closing the nozzle, avoiding the not runner system get huge Exhaust Back Pressure when facing with the injection screw doing the preform. This device can give more than 3 (three) times mould life time special hot runner mould.


   เครื่องรีดแผ่นพลาสติก  PP , PE , HIPS 


  กำลังการผลิต สามารถรีดแผ่น Sheet ได้ประมาณ 100-130 kg / h
  กำลังการผลิตสูงสุด สามารถรีดแผ่น Sheet ได้ถึง  145 kg / h


  เครื่องรีดแผ่นพลาสติก PP, HIPS, PE, KPS

  Vertical Plastic Sheet Extruder (3-Roller Independent Control)


   Vertical plastic sheet extruding machine (3-Roller independent control) is mainly used to produce various kinds of top grade packing sheets of PP, HIPS, PE and KPS etc.

  เครื่องโม่ บดพลาสติก
  Plastic Grinder

   สามารถโม่ บด พลาสติก PET  PP  PS  ได้

   เครื่องโม่ บดพลาสติก
   Strong Crusher


 1. The High quality tool steel is used. It is durable.
 2. The cutter seat is designed as a step and shearingt style. Which can resolve the force bore by cutting and increase the force of cutting by folds.
 3. High quality steel is used for the machine and cutter seats. The design is reasonable. It is also firm and durable.

 Model   Power   Granulating  Rotating      Fixed    Cutting      Screen    External       Weigh
                            Size        Blades      Blades    Abifity        Size     Dimension              
               kw         mm                                     kg/h         mm          m              kg
  SP180       2.2        180x150            6              2         100-150          6       0.73x0.44x0.9      240
  SP250        4          250x200            6              2         130-200          8           1x7x1.1           340
  SP300       5.5        300x220            9              2         220-300          8       1.1x0.75x1.2        480
  SP400       7.5        400x250           12             2         350-500         10       1.2x0.9x1.35        660
  SP500       11         500x275           15             2          450-600        10        1.4x1x1.35          870
  SP600       15         600x300           18             4          600-800        10       1.65x1.1x1.64     1010
  SP700       22         780x450           24             4         800-1000       12         2.4x1.7x2.2       1250

  Plastic Drying and Color Mixing Machine


  1.  It Has the features of automatic temperature control, time reckoning and over loading protection.
  2. The double-layer body of the container is made of improted stainless steel and themal insulation  material.
  3. Permanent-magnet is equipped in the barrel, which can help purify the raw material.

      Model                               SB-25             SB-50              SB-100        
Motor Power                   kw                3                      5.5                      11         
 Capaciy                            L                25                     50                      100            
 Revolution                     rpm              500                   500                     500             
 Extermal Dimension        cm          95x70x105        110x90x125        135x105x145      
Weight                           kg               170                    240                     500          

  เครื่องผสมเม็ดสี  รุ่น 100 kg.
  Rolling Barrel Type Plastic Mixer   รุ่น XHS100KG


Features Specifications:

  ·Both mixing pail and vane are made of stainlesssteel, easy to clean and   absolutely no pollution.
  ·The chain safety device can protect the safety ofoperator and machine.
  ·The material is thick ,strong and durable.
  ·Well-distributed mixing can be done in a shot time, low energy consumption and high efficiency.
  ·Time setting can be controlled easily and preciselyin the range of 0-15 minutes.

Model XHS100kg
Power 380V 3Φ
Motor power 1.5kw
Mixing capacity 100kg/3min
SIze(LxMxH) 1100x1100x1450mm
Welght 155kg

  เครื่องกรีดฝา   PK - 3
  Fully Automatic Cap Slitting Machine

  Full-automatic cap slitting machine finishes all cap settling, transmissing and slitting
  procedures automatically. Small and exquisite, it is easy to operate with low power
  consumption. It is an essential equipment for cap manufacturers.

  Min.cap diameter                                               25 mm
  Max.cap diameter                                               60 mm
  Min.cap height                                                   15 mm
  Max.cap height                                                  25 mm
  Output per hour                                                 12000 - 25000
  Power                                                                1 kw
  Contour dimensions                                             1300x700x1500 mm
  Machine weight                                                   380 kg
  Compressed air consumption                                Approximate 600Ni/min

   Cooling Tower


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