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 Fully-automatic plastic bottle cap compression molding machine

 1. Lower energy consumption Compared with lower extrusion temperaures mean less
     energy is needed to bring the plastic to extrusion temperature and, since the plastic
     is coler, less energy to cool it is need.

 2. Overall plastic energy savings per cap prduced can be as high as 45%

 3. Maintenance free moulds  The vertical and axial movements of campression moulds
     are protected by all kinds of wear along with international quality

 4. Quick color changeovers These can be completed quickly without having to clean a
     hot chamber, whih is absent in the compression process

 5. Beautiful appearance, no injection point

 6. Reject rate is almost zero

 7. light-weight can be achieved

 8. Beautiful photo etching

  **   รุ่น และกำลังการผลิตฝา  **

  ปั๊มฝา PK-Y36    ผลิตฝาได้  35,000  ชิ้น ต่อชั่วโมง

  ปั๊มฝา PK-Y24    ผลิตฝาได้  20,000  ชิ้น ต่อชั่วโมง

  ปั๊มฝา PK-Y12    ผลิตฝาได้  10,000  ชิ้น ต่อชั่วโมง


   เครื่องกรีดฝา  รุ่น  PK-28           

   Plastic cap slitting machine


  This machine is used for cutting the cap band, the band can be slit with extreme
   precising is high-speed , and keeping itsverastillity to make sure every chink of 
   cap is identical in performance , cap chink made by this machine is fine smooth
   and nice.





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                                 E-Mail :

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